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* Commercial Swing Handles with Clothespin Ears

* Rim Scarfing Tool

* Black Cane in several sizes!!!

* Reed & Handle Organizers - single & double

Find them on our "New Items" page!!! New Items

Just Added!!!

We have added a new page of beads. Silver & Other Interesting Beads

Check our "One Of's & Odds & Ends" section on the Sale Pages:. Also, we recently added many more used books to our Sale Pages: Another Basketry Book Library Buyout - with dozens of out of print books.

Shop Hours:
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Mon. - Fri. 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
We are open for business. Please call for showroom information.

Holiday Closings:

April 3, 2021 - Good Friday

May 28 - 31 - Memorial Day Weekend

July 2 - 5 - Fourth of July Weekend

September 3 - 6 - Labor Day Weekend

November 24 - 28 - Thanksgiving

December 23 - Jan. 2 - Christmas / New Year Holidays

Paper Catalog

Note: There are no colored pictures in the catalog.

@ $2.00 

Wholesale prices are for quantity buyers. Minimum order wholesale is $100.00

You must spend at least one hundred dollars to use the wholesale prices. Any combination of items may be used to reach the $100.00 minimum. Shipping charges may NOT be used as part of the $100. All orders under $100.00 will be charged RETAIL PRICE. It is your responsibility to see to it that your order totals the $100.00 minimum, if you want to use wholesale prices.

Orders over $300.00 receive an additional 5% discount. A further 5% discount will be figured on orders over $500.00. The additional discount for orders over $300.00 & $500.00 will be figured in house at the time the order is packed, and will not show up on the Shopping Basket invoice.

* A few items are specially priced in bulk quantity. There is no further discount on these special prices.

Although we strive to keep the website up to date, it is sometimes impossible. Please Note: Prices are subject to change without notice. Photos are as accurate as possible, but not always exact. If you need something specific - please call.

For more information and pricing please call Royalwood Ltd. at 1-800-526-1630.

During a lightning storm over the Memorial Day Holiday, 2016, our computer server was struck by a power surge . Unfortunately; the program we used to manage our orders & inventory was corrupted and could not be restored. We are doing business as usual - a little slower - by hand.  This does not affect the shipping of orders in any way.

Things are going OK with paper and pencil. In fact, we sort of like it this way!

Normally, we do not back order out of stock items. On the rare occasion that we do this, the customer is responsible for the additional shipping of the back ordered item.

Please Note: Our shop hours have changed. Call before making a trip to our showroom to make sure we are going to be open.