1986 Catalog

In 1986, Royalwood Ltd.'s first "full blown" - printed by a printer - catalog was launched. Before that, we served the local community, a few out of state customers, & had a "typed & mimeographed" price sheet. We did not take credit cards. Everyone had an open account to begin with.

The first catalog was printed on tan paper with brown ink.
There were 9 pages.
The UPS fee for a 5 lb. box from Ohio to California was $3.50.
Flat Reed was $5.75 / lb.
Fine Cane was $16.85 / hank.
Large Seagrass ran $5.95 / 3 lb.
6" x 7/16" hoops were 95¢ each.
10" x 14" Market Handles cost $2.95 each
Basket Cutters were $3.75 a piece.
There were 2 Basketry Magazines

"Basketmaker Quarterly" - later became Basketmaker"

"Newsbasket" was published by Shereen LaPlantz, and first appeared as a newspaper.

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Oriole Basket Frames