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Updated: Monday, May 21, 2018

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Bill's Corner Workshop!!!

Newest Books for your library!

Rooted, Revived, Reinvented
Basketry In America
Kristin Schwain & Josephine Stealey
"Ten contributing authors from different areas of expertise, plus hundreds of photos, insightfully show how baskets convey meaning through the artists' selection of materials; the techniques they use; and the colors, designs, patterns, and textures they employ."

@ $39.99

@ $33.99

Swept Away
The Vanishing Art of Broom Making
Karen Hobbs
Learn Broom Making History & Lore. 7 "How To" Patterns
@ $24.99
@ $21.25

Artistry in Fiber, Vol 3.
Wearable Art
Anne Lee & E. Ashley Rooney
"...fiber art that decorates our bodies."
@ $34.99
@ $29.75

New lower price!!!

Excel Scraper with Square Blade

no longer comes with knife blade


@ $8.25

@ $6.50
Excel Replacement Square Blade

now with 2 blades / package!


@ $4.95

@ $3.95

Wooden Needle Case - short - 5/8" dia.

2 5/16" long

caps are threaded & screw on to bottom

Only short - less than 1 1/4" needles - will fit into these


short / threaded - 5/8" dia. @ $2.65 ea.

short / threaded - 5/8" dia. @ $2.10 ea.

New "Old" Books!

We were able to buy several of these out of print books!!! Limited quantity!

Choctaw Diagonal Twill: A Workshop with Claude Medford
Judith Olney

Instructions for diagonal twill plaiting a small square basket and a "bullnose" basket. Lots of photos & detailed instructions.

@$11.95 ea. 

@$9.95 ea. 

Holiday Heirlooms - Ornaments to Weave
(Barbara Klann)
Collection of 13 Christmas Ornaments to weave from round reed. Includes: Angelique, Frosty, Little Red Drum, One-Horse Sleigh, Braided Wreath, Holiday Bell, Winter Lace, Candy Cane, Santa's Boot, Winterland Wagon, Christmas Candle, Ornamental Ball, St. Nicholas

@$5.95 ea. 

@$4.95 ea. 

Cable Ties - new size!
3" cable ties

great for those miniature baskets


@$4.35 ea. 


@$3.49 ea. 

Hickory Bark
3/4" x 100 ft. coil - approx.

most pieces in the coil are fairly long - approx. 8 - 10'

$79.95 ea. 

Indian Swing Handle
New size.
12" spread

@ $19.95


@ $16.10

Newest Tools!
Retail: Wholesale:

Round Nose Pliers

Flo Hoppe likes these for crimping round reed.

$7.95 ea. 
$6.45 ea. 

Bent Flat Nose Pliers

These pliers have teeth - good for gripping and pulling.

$7.95 ea. 
$6.45 ea.