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Updated: Monday, December 03, 2018

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We have purchased a private Basketry Library - for these - mostly out of print books, see links below.

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Basket Bits; Just Patterns; Beadwork; & more...

2 & 4 Ply Waxed Linen Thread

Not wound to 50 grams. More like 46 grams - vary. Limited quantity / colors.

2 ply waxed linen

2 ply butterscotch

underweight - closer to 46 grams

there are several spools

$10.95 ea. 

4 ply waxed linen
4 ply lavender

underweight - closer to 46 grams

there are several spools

$10.95 ea. 

4 ply waxed linen
mint green
4 ply mint green

underweight - closer to 46 grams

there are several spools

$10.95 ea. 

Hamburg Cane - discolored

Regular hamburg - discolored on one side - probably by the light. Just on the outside wraps. Would be great to dye!

Superfine Hamburg - 500' hanks - discolored

there are 5 coils

$22.64 ea. 
Fine-Fine Hamburg - 500' hanks - discolored

there are 2 coils

$26.91 ea. 

6 Ply Waxed Linen Thread

Buyout - limited quantity

6 ply waxed linen
dark chocolate
6 ply dark chocolate

250 grams - 18/6 thread - Usual S twist

there are 16 spools

$56.80 ea. 

"Basketmaker" Items

We purchased these from the former Basketmaker Magazine. The items have been in storage since the early 90's. All are in new (although wrinkly) condition. Some were stored in a tub along with sachets, so have a slight flowery smell. This will wash out. Tend to run smallish.

Limited quantities - only a few left.


with front pockets

(Dottie not included!)

1990 Price:

$11.95 ea. 


50% cotton / 50% polyester

available in:

Navy XLg - 1 left
Purply Blue XLg - 2 left
Bright Pink Medium - 1 left

1990 Price:

$19.95 ea. 

Peachy Sweatshirt - dusty looking front - Med
@ $19.95 ea. 


Sweat Suit - sweatshirt / sweat pants

50% cotton / 50% polyester

1 each - available in:

Peachy Pink - Lg
Tealy Green - XLg

1990 Price:

$39.95 ea. 

Sweatshirt - w/ basket

50% cotton / 50% polyester

only left in: White - Lg

1990 Price:

$19.95 ea. 

Bushel Basket Handle
6" Bushel Basket Handles - TALL
ash - came in by mistake

6" wide x 6" tall from notch - 10 1/2" overall - side handles - only 7 left


$2.95 ea. 


$2.40 ea. 

Tie-on Tiles

Repurpose these tile / porcelain samples as Basket Tie-ons. Great for painting designs to commemorate special occasions.  Or, use a dry erase marker to write a special message that can be wiped off & changed as you wish. Slight scratches, rubs may be on the surface of some.

samples only - no painted designs are available




$2.00 ea. 


These were originally sold with the waxed linen pattern "Glitter & Glimmer". They are being closed out. All are approx. size 11 seed beads. - limited supply

Cobalt blue with silver lining

approx. 59 grams (2 oz.)

$7.95 ea. 

approx. 59 grams (2 oz.)

$7.95 ea. 

approx. 59 grams (2 oz.)

$7.95 ea. 

approx. 59 grams (2 oz.)

$7.95 ea. 

approx. 59 grams (2 oz.)

$7.95 ea. 


Just found this stash of beads.  I'm sure they were going to be worked into a project somewhere along the line, but who knows what or when. We're selling them by the bulk.

Silver Lined Seed Beads - not delica's

approx. 111 grams (3.9 oz.)

$3.95 ea. 
Silver Lined Bugle Beads - 23mm long
$29.95 ea. 
approx. 508 grams ( 17.9 oz.)

Assorted Wood Bases


Nantucket Base - 1 7/8" dia. - slotted with center hole

9 of these in assorted woods

@ $3.00 ea.  

Walnut Slices - THICK
These are thicker than the walnut slices we normally carry.


@ $1.20 ea.  


@ 95¢ ea.  

1 Prong Needle Lashers
Same as the lashing needle with 2 prongs, except these only have 1 prong. Came in by mistake.

2 per package

@ 50¢ / pkg.  

Brass Plated Pins
1/2" 18 gauge - approx. 1/2 oz. pkg (approx. 105 / bag) - these are brass plated steel

there are only 3 packages of these

@ $3.50 / pkg.  

Mostly Out of Print Books

The following are mostly out-of-print books that we have been able to obtain a copy of. They are sold as is.  All are used. Most are like new, but some are gently used - unless specified. There is only one copy of each of these books. We have just added several more books to this listing! Don't miss out!


Crafts of America
Constance Stapleton
A guide to the finest traditional crafts made in the United States. How they are made, who makes them, where to buy them. published: 1988
@ $19.95 

Wool 'n' Magic
Jan Messent's
Jan Messent shows how to use knitting, crochet, and embroidery in surprising and original ways. Taking inspiration from nature, she creates garments of breathtaking beauty, superb wall hangings, picture designs, three-dimensional animals, knitted patchwork, and landscapes, cushions, lampshades, and more.
@ $25.95 

Arts & Crafts of South America
Lucy Davies, Mo Fini
"With beautiful, full-color photgraphs and a lively, informative text, the rich history and enduring legacy of South America's traditional pottery, jewelry, textiles, and other indigenous handicrafts come vividly to life in this compelling volume for travelers, collectors, an denthusiasts of native arts and crafts."

Includes a small section on Basketry, Hats, and Bags.

good condition

@ $22.95 

The Basketmaker's Art
Edited by Rob Pulleyn
Contemporary Baskets and Their Makers. Published in 1986.

hard cover - good condition - rubs on dust jacket

@ $26.95 

F.J. Christopher
155 illustrations. Chapters include Reed Basketry, Coiling, Willow Basketry, Handles, Rush Work, Raffia Work, Seating, Dyeing Reeds & Raffia.

good condition

@ $9.95 

Voices of the Wind - Native American Legends
Margot Edmonds & Ella E. Clark
More than 130 Native American legends. The legends feature a broad array of mythical figures - drawn from many tribes. Organized by region. Includes over 100 drawings.

hard cover - good condition - slight fading of dust jacket on spine edge

@ $29.95 

Splendours of Morocco
Izza Genini, Jacques Bravo, Xavier Richer

Hard Cover - used - good condition - sm tears on cover - large table top style book

Covers all regions of Morocco. Mostly photographs - some with baskets in the picture. Recipe section at end.

@ $45.95 

Authentic Indian Designs

Edited by Maria Naylor

used - very good condition

2500 Illustration from Reports of the Bureau of American Ethnology. Includes Basketmaking Tribes of British Columbia section.

@ $9.95 

Darien Rainforest Basketry
Margo M. Callaghan

Black and White copy.

Baskets of the Wounaan and Embera Indians from the Darien Rainforest of Panama

cover in color, but inside photos are black and white

color version is available in Book Section - $16.99 retail

@ $10.00 

Weaving Buy-out Books

These are all used books. Some are like new, while others are gently worn. Many are out of print.

Total Scrapbooking

Sarah Mason & Karen McIvor

hard cover

25 themed projects with easy-to-follow instructions. Spiral-bound book stays open while you work. Create personalized gifts for special occasions.

@ $22.95 ea.

Closeout Patterns
These are patterns we will no longer be carrying. Some of them are almost gone!

The following are patterns only - not baskets for sale.......

Pottery Handled Basket
(Janice Lewis)
R, 4" dia. at base
@ $2.00 ea.
Reed Wall Basket
(Grace Kabel)
@ $2.50 ea.
Wrapped Warp
(Grace Kabel)
F, FO, Cane, 5"dia. at base, 8" high
@ $2.00 ea.

Miscellaneous Goodies
Thought these were gone, but just found a box of them......

Amber Plastic Ovals - 2 oz. Bottles with "Clic-Loc" tm Child Resistant Lids

Used originally for Basketmaker's Oil" - there is a box of 95. If you are interested in them all - call Kathy

50¢ each

Wallpaper Border

5 yd. / roll

there are 4 rolls

$3.95 each

Acrylic Nantucket Buttons -"1995"

5/8" dia. - could possibly be used upside down for blank side

There are also a couple of smaller buttons that have "1996" on them - 1/2" dia.

50¢ each


Fancy Acrylic Nantucket Buttons -"1995"

1 3/4" dia.


Rub these onto wider splints for decorative touch!
only a few left - final closeout!!!
Cross Stitch Borders
@ 50¢ ea.
Country / Welcome Stencils
Only shows black and white in the photo, but is in color.
@ 50¢ ea.
Ducks and Geese
@ 50¢ ea.
Goose Parade
Only shows black and white in the photo, but is in color.
@ 50¢ ea.
Vegetable Bunnies
@ 50¢ ea.