Updated: Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Kits, Parts, & Odd 'n Ends

from Pat Spreng's Estate - (Jim Rutherford's Sister)
Some of you may remember Pat from Jim's convention booth days. She was always there to help!

Kits & Kit Parts

Many of these kits are from the 90's. Some have all the materials, while others have only the wood or specialty parts. Some have patterns, others do not. A few items have a slightly musty smell. We have found that leaving the material out in the fresh air or sun (shade if dyed materials) helps the smell to dissapate. These kits are sold: AS IS.

"The Promise" Medium Ark Kit
by Jim & Diane Langston

As far as we can tell all the parts / materials are in the kit., including the wooden animals & rainbow. Circumference at top. 30 1/4" x 12 1/2" tall.

@ $50.00 ea. 
"The Promise" Mini Ark Kit
by Jim & Diane Langston

Includes: wooden base, deck piece, with cabin, weaving materials, & rainbow pieces. As far as we can tell - all the pieces are here.

@ $15.00 ea. 
"The Promise" - base & deck - parts only - no weaving materials
@ $22.95 ea. 
"The Promise" Mini Ark - base, deck, rainbow - parts only - no
weaving materials
by Jim & Diane Langston

Includes: 2" x 3 3/4" wood base, wood deck piece w/ cabin, and rainbow pieces. NO weaving materials.

@ $8.00 ea. 
Noah's Ark Basket - pattern and animals - only - no weaving materiasl
by Christy Hoffman - '93.

Includes pattern, wooden unpainted animals - 2 giraffes, 2 elephants, 2 camels, 2 sheep, 1 dove, 1 Noah. NO weaving materials.

@ 15.00 ea. 
Rainbow - only

For large ark. Round reed dyed rainbow colors.

@ $2.00 ea. 
Slufoot Rolling Shopping Cart Parts Only - no pattern or weaving materials

As far as we can tell, all the wooden parts for this basket are included: base, wheels & axle, handle, oak rim. There is NO pattern, but a photo is included. The basket is fairly straight forward - woven with flat reed. This is a good size basket to be pulled behind the person shopping. no weaving materials are included.

@ $65.00 ea. 
Night Light - pattern & parts - no weaving materials
by Mary Jane Prevo

3 x 5 handle, lamp shade, bulb included. NO weaving materials.

@ $19.95 ea. 
Country Candlelight Kit - pattern, 4" green wooden base, electric candle, decorations, weaving materials.
by Kathy Libby

As far as we can tell, all the parts are here.

@ $23.00 ea. 
Catch All - pattern & parts - no weaving materials
by Willowe's

Includes: pattern, 5" wood base, Lanam lid with Lighthouse design. NO weaving materials.

@ 29.95 ea. 
"Sew" Lazy Susan - pattern, 11" wood lazy susan base - plain (no design)
by Marolynne Huber

Includes: pattern and plain lazy susan 11" wood base.- does NOT include weaving materials or the divider piece.

@ $24.00 ea. 
Cheese and Crackers - pattern & base - no weaving materials
by Sherry Stephens

Includes: pattern & 6 1/4" x 11 1/4" rectangular base. NO weaving materials.

@ 15.00 ea. 
Silver Bells Sleigh - pattern & base - no bells or weaving materials
by Mary Jane Prevo

Over all 12" long. Includes pattern & base with runners.

@ $19.95 ea. 
Snack Bowl - pattern, bowl, and base - no weaving materials
by Sherry Stephens

Includes pattern, wooden base, and plastic bowl. NO weaving materials

@ 18.95 ea. 
Salad Susan - pattern, base, bowl, divided tray - no weaving materials
by Sherry Stephens

Includes pattern, wooden base / lazy susan, and plastic bowl / relish tray. NO weaving materials

@ 28.50 ea. 
Chesterfield Farm Parts - handle, base, rim, copper rivets & nails.
by NC Basket Works

Includes: pattern, 5" wooden base, oak rim pieces, handle with rivets & nails. approx. 10" dia. NO weaving materials.

@ $19.95 ea. 
Row Boat Parts - pattern, boat base, seats, oars, no weaving materials.
by Susan Vogel

Includes: pattern and all boat parts. NO weaving materials. approx. 13 1/2" overall.

@ $23.95 ea. 
Elaine's Canister Parts Set - no weaving materials
by Elaine Sinclair

This is for the specialty parts & pattern only - no reed or weaving material. Set of 4 Canisters: Lg. flour 4.4 qt., Med. sugar 2.8 qt., Sm. Med. coffee 1.6 qt., Sm. tea .9 qt. Parts include: 4", 5", 6", 7" wood bases, 5 3/4", 6 3/4", 8", 9 1/4" wood lids w/ hanger for hand carved cherry scoops. Originally, these canisters were made over a plastic set from WalMart. Can be adapted to whatever is available now.

@ $85.00 ea. 
Corning Ware Casserole Carrier Kit
by Eileen La Porte

As far as we can tell the pattern & all the materials are in the kit, including the handle & dyed reed. designed to fit a 2 1/2" quart shallow casserole dish with a cover.

@ $25.00 ea. 
Helen's Daffodil Hoop Kit
by Jodi Shebester

Appears to have all the materials, parts, & pattern. 6" x 12" hoop

@ $15.00 ea. 
Grandma's Mini Iris Basket Kit
by Jodi Shebester

Appears to have all the materials, wire handle, dyed reed, etc., and pattern. 4" x 4" x 6"

@ $20.00 ea. 
Silver Caddy Basket and Napkin Buddy Basket Parts / Pattern - no weaving materials

Wood parts for both baskets & pattern. No weaving materials

@ $35.00 ea. 
Apple Plastic Bag Dispenser Parts / Pattern - no weaving materials

Wood handles, lids, embelishments for 2 baskets. 1 pattern. No weaving materials. Handles are 7 1/2" x 16". Lids have apple knobs.

@ $39.00 ea. 
Countryside Picnic Basket Pattern & Lid - no weaving materials
by Maurine Joy

Contains Pattern and Hinged Lid only. No weaving materials. Pine lid is 17 1/2" long x 13 5/8" widest. 2 sided hinged w/ wood knobs.

there are 2 of these

@ $24.95 ea. 
The Country Wagon Pattern and Wagon - no weaving materials
by Toni Ryincke

Wooden wagon and Pattern. No weaving materials. Wagon 8" x 13" plus handle. Basket "sits" on wagon - attaches after it is made separately.

@ $20.00 ea. 
Ice Bucket Pattern & 4 Handles ONLY - no weaving materials
by Margaret Harness

8" wood swing handles with rivets and pattern ONLY - no ice bucket or weaving materials.

@ $27.50 ea. 
Plant Stand Basket Pattern & Parts for Table Top Version - no weaving materials.
by Suzanne Moore

Pattern & wooden parts for table top version of stand.

there are 2 sets of these

@ $12.00 ea. 
Cornelia's Angel Basket Kit
by Martha Wetherbee

Includes: pattern, mold, weaving stand, pins black ash weaving materials, rim and handle stock

@ $35.00 ea. 
Silk Teneriffe Earrings Kit -
by Marilyn Moore

Includes: pattern, wire shapes, needle (rusty), silk thread, clip-on earring findings.

@ $9.00 ea. 
Rag Coiling Bits 'n Pieces

no pattern - only lengths of soft cotton rope core torn fabrics in various blue patterns.

@ $5.00 ea. 
Ash Divider for Silverware Basket
by KS Lanam Co,
@ $20.00 ea.