Updated: Thursday, April 25, 2024

Kits & Parts

from Pat Spreng's Estate - (Jim Rutherford's Sister)
Some of you may remember Pat from Jim's convention booth days. She was always there to help!


kits & kit parts

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Misc. handles

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Slotted, Nantucket, Drilled, Misc.

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embellishments, rubber stamps, tie-ons, etc.

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finished baskets by: Jim Rutherford, Pat Spreng, & Betty Curry

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Kits & Kit Parts

Many of these kits are from the 90's. Some have all the materials, while others have only the wood or specialty parts. Some have patterns, others do not. A few items have a slightly musty smell. We have found that leaving the material out in the fresh air or sun (shade if dyed materials) helps the smell to dissapate. These kits are sold: AS IS.

Pin Dish Kit by Jeannie McFarland

Kit for Pin Dish found in Pine Needle Basketry by Jeannie McFarland. Includes raffia, pine needles, needle, tenneriffe ring & gauge - NO pattern.

@ $9.95  
Tailgate Picnic Basket by Margaret Harness. Kit Includes: patterns, handles, 12" square for outside rim, inside platform. NO lid or reed.
@ $25.00 
NCBA 2001 Convention Basket Kit

Pattern, wooden handpainted 2001 heart embellishment, weaving materials.

@ $6.00  
"The Promise" - base & deck - parts only - no weaving materials
@ $22.95  
Snack Bowl - pattern, bowl, and base - no weaving materials
by Sherry Stephens

Includes pattern, wooden base, and plastic bowl. NO weaving materials

@ 18.95  
Salad Susan - pattern, base, bowl, divided tray - no weaving materials
by Sherry Stephens

Includes pattern, wooden base / lazy susan, and plastic bowl / relish tray. NO weaving materials

@ 28.50  
Party Server Parts - 15" slotted wood base with lazy susan, plastic divided tray to serve - no pattern - no weaving supplies

there are 2 of these sets

@ $49.00  
Plant Stand Basket Pattern & Parts for Table Top Version - no weaving materials.
by Suzanne Moore

Pattern & wooden parts for table top version of stand.

there are 2 sets of these

@ $12.00 ea. 
Apple Plastic Bag Dispenser Parts / Pattern - no weaving materials

Wood handles, lids, embelishments for 2 baskets. 1 pattern. No weaving materials. Handles are 7 1/2" x 16". Lids have apple knobs.

@ $39.00