Waxed Linen Thread (cord)

Crawford Label Waxed Linen

Waxed Linen Thread 10 Yard Packages

For several years, we have packaged 4, 7, & 12 ply waxed linen in 10 yard bundles , to be sold in our vending booths at conventions. These packages were not available online. We have decided to discontinue the 10 yard packages, so we are running a "Closeout" on them. There is a limited supply, and once they are gone, we will not make them anymore. Note: There is no bulk price for these packages.

Please Note: Dyelots vary with each shipment. Monitors see colors differently.
These colors are only for reference and WILL NOT BE EXACT!!!

sizes prices listed below color "chips"


Gone: denim 4 ply

Royal Blue

Gone royal blue 4 ply

Navy Blue


Gone: turquoise 4 ply


Gone: teal 4 ply



Dark Emerald Green

Dark Forest Green

Olive Drab

Gone: Olive Drab 4 ply

Victorian Rose

Gone: Victorian Rose - 4 ply

Light Rose



Country Red

Gone: country red 4 ply




Orange Crush

Gone: orange crush 4 ply

Dark Rust

Gone: dark rust 12 ply

Light Rust

Gone: light rust 4 ply


Country Yellow *

* this tends to have a greenish cast to it

Lemon Yellow

Bright Autumn Yellow

Gone: bright autumn yellow 4 ply


Gone: butterscotch 4 ply

Walnut Brown

Gone: walnut 4 ply

Dark Chocolate

Slate Grey

Gone: slate grey 4 ply

Charcoal Grey


Gone: black 4 ply

10 yard - Waxed Linen Thread Packages

There is a very limited supply left of most colors / sizes.

Out of: Black, Bright Autumn Yellow, Butterscotch, Country Red, Denim, Light Rust, Mint, Olive, Orange Crush, Robin Egg Blue, Royal Blue, Slate Grey, Teal, Turquoise, Walnut Brown, Victorian Rose, White, Williamsburg Blue

4 ply waxed linen thread
10 yd. package @ $3.75 ea.

Out of Black & White

7 ply waxed linen thread
10 yd. package @ $4.95 ea

Out of Dark Rust

12 ply waxed linen thread
10 yd. package @ $7.50 ea.

Waxed Linen Thread made in the United States

These cords are thicker than the Crawford waxed linen. 4 ply is closer to 7 ply Crawford, and 6 ply is probably about like 12 ply Crawford in diameter. Limited quantity. Discontinued when gone.

4 Ply
Heather Sand
10 yd. pkg.
@ $3.25

6 Ply
Heather Sand
10 yd. pkg.
@ $3.90

6 Ply
10 yd. pkg.
@ $3.90