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Specials, Sale, & Odds / Ends Items

Shadow has some gift ideas for you!

Check out the "Basket Animals". They were made in Shanghai in the 70's.

Use the links below to access "Pat's Stuff", Sale Books & Shaker Tape End Rolls!!!

We have recently added to these - mostly out of print books, see links below. Also, we are adding the estate of Pat Spreng's basket kits & supplies as we have time.

Pat Spreng Estate: Kits & Parts - Pat was Jim Rutherford's sister. Many of you knew her from conventions where she was always ready to help in Jim's Vending Booth. We will be adding more to these pages as time goes by. This is a start! Her books have already been added to the Book Pages below.
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Basketry Library Book buyout

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Basketry Library Book buyout

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Basketry Library Book buyout

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Basketry Library Book buyout

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Basketry Library Book buyout

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Woodworking Book buyout

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Magazine Back Issue Page

Basket Bits; Just Patterns; Beadwork; & more...

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Shaker Tape End Rolls

1" & 5/8"

Shaker Tape End Rolls

Hoosier Pie Basket - shelf frame parts

Originally made for the Hoosier Pie Basket pattern, written by Joanie Loch during the early 90's. It was quite popular for several years. The frame features a woven top to create a shelf to set a second pie on. We just found a big box of the leg parts we forgot we had. This offer is for the entire lot. There are only legs - no dowel rod pieces. The sample in the photo will be included, along with the original pattern from our master file. This would be great for someone teaching or wanting to adapt the parts to a new basket.

Hoosier Pie Basket - shelf frame parts

There are 71 - 4 leg sets. The legs are 3" tall x 1 1/8" dia. They are drilled for 1/2" dowel rods. Only the sample has the rods. Dowel rods are easily available at most hardware or lumber stores. The sample is 10" x 10", but the size can easily be adjusted to fit the basket by changing the length of the dowel rods. Only the legs and one sample are being sold. They are a package deal. The complete framework sold for $7.50 in 1993.

@ $69.95 ea. 

Pakistan Grass
Pakistan Grass

Rustic plied rope made from grass. Found this one lonely coil. approx. 1 pound

$22.45 ea. 

Drawknife with Leather Case

4" blade; 11 1/4" overall

Forged High Carbon Steel

Made in France

$78.50 ea. 

Cane Webbing with Lighter Streaks

We have a roll of 14" wide Fine Cane Webbing that has occasional strands of lighter cane (almost like hamburg), woven here and there, throughout the webbing. It is not Super noticeable, but it is there, and can be seen if you look.

14" wide - Fine Cane Webbing
30¢ / inch 

"Dirty Hairy" 3/16 Flat Oval Reed

We found a few 3/16" FO that are darker and a little more hairy than our normal stock.

"Dirty Hairy"
3/16" Flat Oval Reed
$9.95 ea. 

Interesting Odd & Ends - One-ofs....

Usually, we take our odds 'n ends to conventions with us. Since, the conventions were cancelled for most of 2020 & for the beginning of 2021, we have gathered together these items, to offer to you! In most cases there is only one of each item. Grab them up while you can!

WigJig Tools
WigJig Olympus

The transparent Olympus has the largest work space of any WigJig, allowing you to make large wire designs for pendants, sun catchers, paper arts designs, bracelets and much more. It is the thickest of our jigs, and works extremely well in a vise. It is clearly the jig of choice for serious wire designers. The Olympus Jig has 481 holes, 20 movable pegs (10 are 5/8" long and 10 are 3/4" long, 3/32" diameter) plus wire working tips and instructions. 5" x 5".

$34.95 ea. 
WigJig Delphi

The transparent Delphi has smaller pegs and closer holes than the Olympus. Accordingly, designs made on the Delphi are smaller and more delicate. This is a great addition to the Olympus jigs since it facilitates making matching sets of jewelry. For example, smaller earring components can be made on the Delphi to match larger necklace / bracelet links made on the Olympus. It also works very well for paper arts designs. Includes jig with 181 holes, 20 metal pegs (1/16" diameter), and wire designing tips. 3" x 3".

$19.95 ea. 
WigJig Cyclops

Smaller complimentary version to Electra. Smaller holes to make finer designs. 4 1/2" x 4 1/2"

$29.95 ea. 
12" x 17" Market Bottom Swing Handle

11" bottom side w/ 8" swing x 1 1/8"

only one of these

$7.45 ea. 
Splint Basketry 1 - Appalachian Egg Basket - by Robin Taylor Daugherty - VCR video - has not been tested, so not sure it works
$1.00 ea. 
Splint Basketry II - Spoked and Plaited Techniques- by Robin Taylor Daugherty - VCR video - has not been tested, so not sure it works
$1.00 ea. 
Traditional New England Basketmaking - by John McGuire - VCR video - has not been tested, so not sure it works
$1.00 ea. 
Christmas Notecards

pkg. 5 cards w/ envelopes

$2.00 ea. 
Basket Note Cards

no envelopes - soft green color w/ brown print

$.25 ea. 
Basket Clips

plastic paper clips

$.25 ea. 
"Basket Collector" decoration

approx. 6" wide x 6 1/2" overall height

$2.00 ea. 
Basket Gathering T-Shirt

For 21 years Royalwood hosted "The Basket Gathering". Just found 3 t-shirts from those days!

large - 50% / 50%

$8.95 ea. 

Lyn Siler Tote Bag

one last tote bag stencilled by Lyn Siler (The Basket Book). Different design on each side.

$12.95 ea. 
Flat Egg Sanders in X-Fine

only 3

$2.75 ea. 
Large Spiny Starfish

approx. 8" across

$7.95 ea. 
Wooden Heart Minis

pkg. 4 - approx. 1 1/2"

$1.00 ea. 
Wood Bases Odds 'n Ends
3" Oak Bases - 28 of these

Most are slightly less than 3", but do vary. Thin - approx. 3/8 thick. Have pin holes where they were attached to the lathe when made.

$5.00 ea. 
3" Oak Bases - 2 of these

Also with the pin holes from the maker's tool. Thicker - approx. 1/2" thick.

$5.00 ea. 
7 1/4" x 5 1/4" Oval Oak Bases - 3 of these

approx. 1/2" thick. These are naturally distressed with worm hole and / or knots.

$5.00 ea. 
5 3/4" Pine Base - 1 of these

approx. 3/4" thick - needs sanding - some pressure marks on one side.

$6.50 ea. 
3 3/4" - 4" Pine Base - 1 of these

approx. 3/4 thick - needs sanding - some pressure marks on one side.

$4.50 ea. 
4" Oak Plywood Base - 1 of these

approx. 7/16" thick

$5.95 ea. 
6" x 10" Oak Oval Plywood Base - 1 of these

approx. 7/16" thick - football shape

$9.50 ea. 
6" x 10" Oak Oval Plywood Base - 1 of these

approx. 7/16" thick - racetrack shape

$9.50 ea. 
5" x 10" Oak Rectangle Plywood Base - 1 of these

approx 7/16" thick

$8.95 ea. 

Loom Weaver Pins

We got these along with a buyout. They are Perl Grey - pewter pins - made in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.


1 1/2" long x 1/4" wide

$7.95 ea. 
Spinning Wheel

1 1/4" tall x 1 1/4" wide

$12.95 ea. 

2 & 4 Ply Waxed Linen Thread

Not wound to 50 grams. More like 46 grams - vary. Limited quantity / colors.

2 ply waxed linen

2 ply butterscotch

underweight - closer to 46 grams

3 left

$10.95 ea. 

4 Ply - Too Waxy Linen Thread

More wax than normal.

4 ply waxed linen
walnut brown

4 ply walnut brown

extra waxy - several of these

$9.95 ea. 

Waxed Linen Thread Buyout

Buyout - limited quantity

6 ply waxed linen
dark chocolate
6 ply dark chocolate

100 grams - 18/6 thread - usual S twist

2 spools left

$22.80 ea. 

5 ply waxed linen
dark chocolate

5 ply dark chocolate

100 grams - 18/5 thread - usual S twist

2 spools left

$22.80 ea. 

5 ply waxed linen
5 ply emerald

50 grams - 18/5 - usual S twist

2 spools left

$11.40 ea. 

"Basketmaker" Items

We purchased these from the former Basketmaker Magazine. The items have been in storage since the early 90's. All are in new (although wrinkly) condition. Some were stored in a tub along with sachets, so have a slight flowery smell. This will wash out. Tend to run smallish.

Limited quantities - only one left.


Sweat Suit - sweatshirt / sweat pants

50% cotton / 50% polyester

1 left - available in:

Peachy Pink - Lg

1990 Price:

$39.95 ea. 

Odds & Ends

There is only one of each of these.

Pottery Cookie Mold

Could be used as a paper mold. 1993 Cotton Press

Came with a buyout of basketry items.

$6.00 ea. 

Tie-on Tiles

Repurpose these tile / porcelain samples as Basket Tie-ons. Great for painting designs to commemorate special occasions.  Or, use a dry erase marker to write a special message that can be wiped off & changed as you wish. Slight scratches, rubs may be on the surface of some.

samples only - no painted designs are available


$2.00 ea. 


These beads are being closed out. There are limited amounts of most.

Blue "angle cut" glass beads - random sizes within the strand
$1.25 / strand

$1.25 ea. 

size 11 - approx. 59 grams (2 oz.)

$7.95 ea. 

size 11 - approx. 59 grams (2 oz.)

$7.95 ea. 

size 11 - approx. 59 grams (2 oz.)

$7.95 ea. 

Brass Plated Pins
1/2" 18 gauge - approx. 1/2 oz. pkg (approx. 105 / bag) - these are brass plated steel

there are only 3 packages of these

@ $3.50 / pkg.  

Mostly Out of Print Books

The following are mostly out-of-print books that we have been able to obtain a copy of. They are sold as is.  All are used. Most are like new, but some are gently used - unless specified. There is only one copy of each of these books. We have just added several more books to this listing! Don't miss out!


Crafts of America
Constance Stapleton
A guide to the finest traditional crafts made in the United States. How they are made, who makes them, where to buy them. published: 1988
@ $19.95 

Wool 'n' Magic
Jan Messent's
Jan Messent shows how to use knitting, crochet, and embroidery in surprising and original ways. Taking inspiration from nature, she creates garments of breathtaking beauty, superb wall hangings, picture designs, three-dimensional animals, knitted patchwork, and landscapes, cushions, lampshades, and more.
@ $25.95 

Arts & Crafts of South America
Lucy Davies, Mo Fini
"With beautiful, full-color photgraphs and a lively, informative text, the rich history and enduring legacy of South America's traditional pottery, jewelry, textiles, and other indigenous handicrafts come vividly to life in this compelling volume for travelers, collectors, an denthusiasts of native arts and crafts."

Includes a small section on Basketry, Hats, and Bags.

good condition

@ $22.95 

Splendours of Morocco
Izza Genini, Jacques Bravo, Xavier Richer

Hard Cover - used - good condition - sm tears on cover - large table top style book

Covers all regions of Morocco. Mostly photographs - some with baskets in the picture. Recipe section at end.

@ $45.95 

Darien Rainforest Basketry
Margo M. Callaghan

Black and White copy.

Baskets of the Wounaan and Embera Indians from the Darien Rainforest of Panama

cover in color, but inside photos are black and white

color version is available in Book Section - $16.99 retail

@ $10.00 

Weaving Buy-out Books

These are all used books. Some are like new, while others are gently worn. Many are out of print.

Total Scrapbooking

Sarah Mason & Karen McIvor

hard cover

25 themed projects with easy-to-follow instructions. Spiral-bound book stays open while you work. Create personalized gifts for special occasions.

@ $22.95 ea.

Closeout Patterns
These are patterns we will no longer be carrying. Some of them are almost gone!

The following are patterns only - not baskets for sale.......

Pottery Handled Basket
(Janice Lewis)
R, 4" dia. at base
@ $2.00 ea.
Reed Wall Basket
(Grace Kabel)
@ $2.50 ea.
Wrapped Warp
(Grace Kabel)
F, FO, Cane, 5"dia. at base, 8" high
@ $2.00 ea.

Miscellaneous Goodies
Package of 3 Copper nails.

approx. 9/16" long - thought these were gone, but just found another batch.

40¢ / pkg. 3

Thought these were gone, but just found a box of them......

Amber Plastic Ovals - 2 oz. Bottles with "Clic-Loc" tm Child Resistant Lids

only 30 left

50¢ each

Wallpaper Border

5 yd. / roll

there are 3 rolls

$3.95 each

Acrylic Nantucket Buttons -"1995"

5/8" dia. - could possibly be used upside down for blank side

There are also a couple of smaller buttons that have "1996" on them - 1/2" dia.

50¢ each


Fancy Acrylic Nantucket Buttons -"1995"

1 3/4" dia.


Rub these onto wider splints for decorative touch!
only a few left - final closeout!!!

Only one of these

@ 50¢ ea.
Country / Welcome Stencils
Only shows black and white in the photo, but is in color.
@ 50¢ ea.
Ducks and Geese
@ 50¢ ea.
Goose Parade
Only shows black and white in the photo, but is in color.
@ 50¢ ea.